What is a Solid E-Commerce Solution?

A look at e-commerce platforms Part VSince the birth of the electronic commerce models of the 1980′s there has been a staggering drive towards the marketing and retailing industries that have surpassed anyone’s expectation. With a multitude of different businesses that now rush to conduct their business on the great Internet superhighway, also come a huge number of obstacles. These obstacles challenge the many companies that thrive to create the perfect combination of answers to differing business models.To begin developing a solution to any obstacle, it has to be closely analyzed to ensure that the solution completely remedies the situation. Some companies opt to specialize in certain areas in order to avoid being overwhelmed by too many of these obstacles. Still other companies find the necessary combination of specialists to devise the solution to many of the problems and develop a solution for a wider issue.By narrowing the amount of business models to work with, focus is also sharpened to a less cluttered field, thus, allowing the developers to concentrate on the core solution to the problem but also limiting the distractions to others. The e-commerce industry as it is today, requires a wider approach to resolve issues that arise on a daily basis but also needs companies that include the client in this resolution. Every day the call for newer, faster, and more complex problems arises in each area of the industry. To start tackling these there are many things that an e-commerce service provider must take into account.The business modelWhen finding a solution to a vendor’s problem, the point that should be addressed is the identification of the individual business model. By identifying the business model there are so many questions that are answered and this narrows complications that can arise. The approach to a specific business model differs between businesses and in order to tailor the solution to the client the approach itself will be unique. This is also the first step with many service providers to give the client an impression of the customer service that they can expect.While talking to the perspective client, be informative and most of all know your product and services. There is nothing that turns a potential client to a competitor as a customer service representative that does not know the services. In order to appeal to the client, you most know in detail the array of services that you can offer and how they will benefit them. This impresses people and they tend to listen longer giving you more time to show case how your services can help. Ensure that your delivery is very clear and well spoken and free of idioms and localized phrases some can be misunderstood and even in some places offending.The CompetitorsWhile gathering the information from the vendor, be able to discuss business with a similar business model and the benefits that they will receive. Discuss direct and indirect competitors and what they are doing for their business. All of the information that can be used to understand the vendor’s competition will help to provide the most comprehensive solution for their e-commerce business.The E-Commerce PlatformWith the information in hand a complete platform can be compiled to specifically resolve the requirements and needs of the vendor. There is no one fix for all but a customized and personalized solution. This platform should include complete features to cover payment methods and options, promotional tools, security and guarantees for protection, and the personalized customer service that will prove to be extremely beneficial.This is only a short list of the many features available from the leading providers but it is meant to raise awareness of what is needed to effectively and successfully compete in today’s market. To find a complete and comprehensive e-commerce solution for your e-business, research all of these features and fit them you’re your business model. The e-commerce platform that provides you with the features for your business is the “Solid E-Commerce Solution” for you.

From a Corporate Slave to Building an Online Business – How to Make the Big Leap

The world wide web has indeed become the hub of multi-millionaires whose main income is through Online Marketing. The genius of working online is not limited to your background education, age and your social status, or even your geographical location. The internet provides everyone with equal chances of succeeding and making it big time. I know a lot of people who are younger than me (and most of them are college dropout or people with humble beginnings) and yet they have a bank account with huge earnings like that of Donald Trump. Who would have thought that even a high school student has now equal chances of making money online as that one who graduated with a Masters degree? What a funny world we live in. But surprised as you may be, this is after all the information age – the one who has the information is always going to be ahead of the game and will get rich faster. Donald Trump has built his business empire for years (with sweat and tears). The good news for us is we can do the same with less the sweat and tears and with less amount of time (and just counting months to see the $ instead of years!). Don’t ever think that working online is just a piece of cake. It is not what others made you to believe. It is not as easy as a-b-c! But it is indeed more simple than slaving yourself in the corporate world.So how can you jump-start your online business while you still have that 9-5 job? What is the best game plan? First, evaluate how many hours you can spare a week for online marketing. It could be 4-8 hours a week. It is up to you. You can work at your own pace (as long as you are consistent). The second step is to find a business model for your online business. It is important that you follow one business model until you succeed. Don’t stop until you have not done everything in the blueprint. If during the process you feel that the business model is not suitable for you, just continue and finish it anyway. The biggest mistake that an aspiring online marketer can make is jumping from one program to another – hoping for the easiest and quickest way to make money online. Trust me, I have been there and done that and failed miserably. Don’t make the same mistake I made of chasing the next big thing and wasting a year of my career online reading and learning what is supposed to be the best business model out there and not taking ACTION. As they say, the most common newbie sickness is paralysis due to over-analysis.Now how would you know if you have the right business model? We all know for a fact that the internet is full of scammers and crappy programs. My advice is for you to do your research well. Join internet marketing forums such as the Warrior Forum (WarriorForum.com). The Warrior Forum for me is the best forum there is for online marketers. Everything you need to learn about internet marketing is laid out on you and you can ask questions and find answers as well. Just make sure you go through the thread first as your question might have already been asked and answered before. The best thing about making money online is there are a whole lot of options to choose from depending on your skills. You are not limited with only one business idea. There are a lot of good online business models you can choose from. Don’t spend so much time finding the “best” business model or the “best” program as this could begin your journey to the island of the lost newbies. Pick one model and get on with it right away. Don’t look back until you have finished what is laid out in the plan. Once you are done, then you can go ahead and find another business model if you are not satisfied with the first one, or if you simply want to add another source of income. Again, one business model at a time. You can rinse and repeat afterward to multiply your income.Once you are earning a decent amount of money on the internet (i.e. income online is now greater than your corporate salary), you may opt to say goodbye to your 9-5 job. Just imagine how life could be different for you if you can work at your own pace. You can work as little as 1 hour a day and still reap the benefit of your effort. This is what you call business on auto pilot. You don’t have to be there 24/7 to earn the money. That is why they say you can earn money while you sleep – literally. But then again, don’t ever think that making money online can make your rich overnight. Treat this as a real business and I guarantee that you will be on your way to financial freedom. Now get started and take ACTION.

How Does Fashion Influence the Lives of Students?

This is an era of fashion and fashion is very influential to our lives. In fact, it adds diversity to our lives by offering an aspect of enthusiasm to strive for something new and different, otherwise it would be a monotonous life if we were supposed to dress up and act in the same manner.Fashion is an expression of a distinctive style particularly in clothing, footwear, accessories or makeup. It belongs to the style of doing something, looking different and dealing with others. It encircles a wide range of categorization like behavior, speech, actions, manners and lifestyle. There is much intellectual discussion over fashion and clothing and their importance within present day society. Fashion and clothing can be defined as many things that hold our society together. Fashion can be defined as an existing norm or style of dress, manners and way of socializing, whereas clothing is defined as garments collectively. If fashion and clothing were eliminated from our lives there would be no room for individuality and the world’s population would be the same. There also would be a loss of the distinctions between social classes, which was much defined in the 18th century but is still present today. The eradication of fashion and clothing would also change the dynamics of the social world and social relationships.Mod, short form of ‘modern’, refers to a youth lifestyle that came out from London during 1960s and quickly spread to other parts of the world. Being fashionable is not only desirable but also satisfying. It is very usual that the young students get attracted to fashion the most and start following the trends instantly so fashion influences our youth strongly. Fashion continually has an impact on the society. It affects our views and attitude towards social culture. We introduce new ways of lifestyle through fashion and create awareness within ourselves to reinstate a new line of customs. It is a leading social statement for students to make an outside appearance to their social circle. Malcolm Barnard says in his book Fashion as Communication, “Fashion and clothing have always been explained as forms of communication” (39). Students use fashion to exchange their feelings and beliefs. They use fashion as a way of social contact with reference to scrutiny for all sorts of people. Fashion is a way of communication to convey with the world what their personality really says.The decade of 1920 is called the Age of Flaming Youth because of its wild and jazzy expression. In this period the energy of youth was set free in a new way and no style seemed too ridiculous to become a high fashion. Our world has globalized. Celebrities play very important role in the lives of youth. Students look up to their favorite icons to keep themselves up to date. While watching television or using internet, they can easily be attracted by a variety of fashionable concepts. Moreover, the students idealize their favorite celebrities and they always have a desire to look like them so they do their best to imitate the appearance and lifestyle of their idols. They are trying to grasp all the existing fashion from their society to enhance their personality. Whenever they socialize, they talk about new things which could be adapted. They use non-natural way of expression, speech and mannerism in their routine lives which is relatively artificial.In my point of view, there are two categories i.e. positive and negative impact of fashion on students.The fashion in our society has a lot of negative impact on students. They only think about new fashion and this result in spending of a large amount of money. Therefore, they are not able to become aware of other important needs of life. It always distracts them from studies. Once a style or fashion gets in a trend, it is instantly chased by student community regardless of the fact that how much hassle it leads to. On the other hand they are caught in the confusion of fashion due to impact of society. To follow a certain fashion, one has to adopt some actions and to do so some students go beyond their limits just to attract their surroundings. Eventually they become hopeless instead of being ingenious and suffered from depression for being within fashion. On the other hand, it is also a thought that the money spending on Fashion could be spent for various other purposes like charity and helping the poor.Fashion creates an inaccessible standard for students. They all want to be attractive and glamorous like the celebrities on television or in magazines hence they spend a lot of time and money just to build up a good impression on people around them. However, they fail to make a statement most of the time that leads to a low self esteem. It also creates a clash of thoughts between them and their friends that may lead to jealousy factor and as a result ruin their relationship with friends. Students start judging people by their outlook appearance and those who cannot spend sufficient amount on their outward look, eventually become persecuted which decreased their confidence level to certain extent.Students who give more concentration to fashion are generally least conscious about their studies. They think that by adopting certain fashion trends, they will achieve certain distinction among the peers therefore they start giving less importance to their academic careers.There are some positive points of being fashionable as well. For instance, when teenagers feel good because of the way they look, it gives a high sense of worth and confidence in their personalities. Moreover they feel more independent and acceptable in a social context. If students follow a certain trend, it facilitates them to recognize their own personalities by meeting different people from the society with the same interests and sense of style. Wearing trendy clothes shows a person’s status. People assume a person more progressive if he is wearing fashionable clothes. Malcolm Barnard says in his book Fashion as Communication, “Fashion and clothing have always been explained as forms of communication”Students eventually come to know that it’s not good for them to follow or imitate others all the time. Instead, they should learn how to be innovative and make their own sense of style. That helps them to be more strong, independent and imaginative. Fashion is the name of expressing oneself.It proves that the people have liberty to feel comfortable about themselves and that results in a more successful and prosperous society.Fashion is a form of art and because art is beneficial to society so same goes for fashion as well.Fashion is a big reason for companies to invest more into the expansion of latest clothing, trends, and better living. We cannot disagree with the fact that fashion has a significant place on the life of every student. At times, it can be the source of things that make the life more pleasant. On the other hand, it can be destructive for the lives of certain people. So it’s better to keep yourself modernized with fashion but if it is damaging your academic performance by any mean, you should keep yourself away from that. Generally, fashion can be entertaining, exciting and harmless. Fashion is a money making method that can provide employment to thousands of people.There should be stability in the lives of students while pursuing fashion. They should be aware of the fact that the fashion within limits is admirable but when the limits are crossed, they have to face many problems. Their prime responsibility is to fill up themselves with the asset of knowledge instead of running after the wildness of deceptive fashion world. There should be a right balance between being fashionable and getting away from our roots. Students should know the fact that they have maximum time to indulge themselves to the world of lavishness after they completed their studies.So they should give their utmost devotion to education presently for time and tide waits for none.Being trendy and fashionable is just our own wish, no one can force us to do it and it’s our own decision that how much and what type of fashion we prefer according to place and requirement. Though this time of 21st century in Pakistan mostly people are affected by glamorous world and style of fashion but still they have not forgotten our traditions and culture which is the priority and symbol of our country.